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International Chinese Fine Arts Council is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Chinese Diaspora creative community. 

Run by a team of passionate volunteers in the United States and beyond, we strive to utilize our platform to support, engage, and connect Overseas Chinese creatives, art owners, and art lovers to better resources and representation, and stand in solidarity against hatred and discrimination. We provide resources and facilitate positive change through opportunities, educational programming on topics covering art, culture, and social justice, fiscal sponsorships, and more.

Inez Suen


Born and raised into a family of art enthusiasts, Inez Suen has an eye for the obvious, the outrageous, and the overlooked when it comes to discovering and promoting fine art. A world traveler, consultant, curator, and connoisseur of life, she is passionate about sustainability, migration, and diaspora in the arts. Chinese American based in Chicago by way of Taipei, she first learned about art from her grandfather, an electrical engineer who was also a painter and calligrapher. With over 20 years of international art industry experience, Suen now oversees and serves as director of the ICFAC.

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