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Cecile Chong


Repurposed beads, thread, mirror and kitchen strainer

10 x 12 x 4 in


The word “Strainger” is a play-on-words between a stranger and a strainer. In this “Strainger Series” of mask-like sculptures, the beaded image of the “guagua” (Quechua for baby) covers most of the surface of a kitchen strainer. The straingers themselves suggest the act of separation, liquid from solid, interior from exterior, insider from outsider, the exotic from the mundane. Donated necklaces and accessories are repurposed and handed beaded onto kitchen strainers along with natural materials from Ecuador such as tagua, acai, pambil, and natural seeds from the Amazon. 


ICFAC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 50% of your purchase is tax deductible and will go to ICFAC and directly fund the continuation of our arts programming. We are a 100% volunteer non-profit organization, so every dollar counts!

Mermaid Strainger

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